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Not many companies think about Personal Attention. When IT Help is needed, we at SEA Technologies listen to what you want and need for your Business or Home.  SEA Technologies can find  the right System to fit your budget.  We find a system that allows you to grow as your business grows. We can maintain and service your system so it is running at Peak Performance.

Review from William D.
Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0 
Review by William D. in Midlothian, IL
Project: Install, Upgrade or Repair Computer Network or Wiring
Comments: Perry came on time and did great work, price was very fair. I had a small job but he took his time and explained everything to me.

IT Help?  Why do we have to maintain your System? Computer and Network maintenance– Computers and Networks have to be constantly maintained like a car. In order to get the most out of your system, it has to constantly be maintained.  When your computer slows down, your production slows down. When your production slows down, PROFITS slow down.

What is a Network? A Network is like an expressway, but when it gets congested, your software applications and the Internet run slower, causing delays in your Network “Traffic”.   We can resolve that for you and maintain a faster flow of Traffic to keep your business running smoothly. Keep that traffic flowing…

Traffic in your Network Can’t be seen, but you will notice it when it slows down.
But…there is only so much that can be done with a 10-year old computer.  It can only be upgraded so far until it comes to a complete stop.  Newer technology will only allow us to upgrade your old system to a certain point.  Let us help you find the right computer and network for your business. Time to stop wasting money and time. SEA Technologies has the Personal Attention you deserve.
People get attached to old items. Time to give it to a Museum.


Stop wasting Money! Let us help you build a system that will save you Money.


Phone systems: When is it time to Upgrade?


Can that old system. Our Team will train you on your new system and give you the Personal Attention you deserve.

The key to your business.  If the phones don’t ring, you can’t run your business.  Keeping the phone system working smoothly is the key to any office.

When is it time to Upgrade?

Which one will you choose for reliability?