Network, Computer, Phone Cabling

Do you need assistance adding Network or Phone cabling to your Business or Home?  We can help!

There are different types of Data and Phone cabling that Will make a difference in your Network speed and Phone clarity.  The Technicians at SEA Technologies are Professional and Knowledgeable to help you with your IT needs.

Network, Computer, phone cabling can be done in your office or home within a few days. Call for a Free Estimate. 844-732-0900

Data cabling being installed for WiFi – wireless access points

You can see how the Data cables run through the drop ceiling through PVC pipe.

Cabling through PVC pipes keeps a cleaner and more professional look to your IT closet

Network cabling, Computer cabling or Phone cabling can be a daunting task.  Let us help you with the correct cable that’s right for you.  We make the cable connections onsite and test each cable to make sure you are getting the fastest speed available for the cable being used.

As you can see (or not see), the white Network cables are tucked under the siding, unlike what other companies have done.

Phone cabling well hidden under the siding